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Free Space Pirate Coloring Page from Cats in Space

I created many versions of my illustrations before the official release of my coloring book, Cats in Space: A Coloring Book for Kids.

The page I am offering here for free was the first draft of one of my pages from the book. Because I felt my space pirate cat illustration deviated a bit from the simple nature of all the other pages in the book, I updated the page in the published version to a more simplistic version.

Here you have the original coloring page, which is more detailed than the one you’ll find in the book.

This downloads as a PDF page for 8.5 x 11inch paper.


Download Your Free Page Here!

space pirate cat julie wenzel coloring book free page


If you’d like more pages of Cats in Space, head over to where you can purchase the coloring book!


Cats in Space Coloring Book Colored Pages

It’s been a couple of months now since the release of my coloring book Cats in Space. I had a lot of fun making this coloring book, which was done digitally in a vector program.

I spent some time coloring in pages with different art mediums: colored pencils, crayons, and fine tip washable markers. All work very well for this book. So far, I have not had any bleed through on the pages using markers.

Here are some progress pictures of me coloring in my cheeseburger rocket cat with colored pencils:

Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel
Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel
Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel
Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel
Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel


And here’s the final product. The cheeseburger rocket cat is one of my favorite pages from the book.

Cats in Space Hamburger Rocket Coloring Book Wenzel


Cats in Space is for younger kids, but there are a few pages with finer detail that can appeal to any age.

Here is one last drawing using color crayons of a cat holding the world like a ball of yarn. The coloring book has 30 full pages total with a couple other bonus pages including a poem and test page to try out your colors.

Cats in Space crayon coloring book kids


The great thing about having a coloring book with cats and planets, is there are so many choices in colors to make. Black, white, gray, tuxedo, striped, spotted, orange, and calico are just some of the choices you could make when coloring in cats. Or, you could think outside the box and make a purple cat, rainbow cat, or one with spiral markings. The point of coloring books is to use your imagination, creativity, and have fun!


Cats in Space Coloring Book Julie Wenzel


You can get a copy of Cats in Space: A Coloring Book for Kids on

New Release – Cats in Space: A Coloring Book for Kids

Though I have been hard at work on my latest project, I regretfully didn’t speak much about it until its release.

Going off course from writing, I decided to publish a coloring book combining my love for cats and outer space. When you put them together in a coloring book form you get, Cats in Space: A Coloring Book for Kids.

Here is the cover of the final front cover of the book:

Cats in Space Coloring Book Julie Wenzel


As someone who enjoys art in addition to writing (I have my own Zazzle design store and also have made my own covers thus far) it is only natural for me to take a break from one to do the other.

All of the designs were done in a vector program and then formatted for publication.

Here are a couple of pages from the book:

Cats in Space A Coloring Book for Kids Julie Wenzel Test Page
Cats in Space: A Coloring Book for Kids Julie Wenzel


The beginning of the book has a test page for you to test your colors. There you can decide if color pencils, crayons, or other art mediums work best for you. The next page has a short little poem I wrote to kick off the rest of the book.

Each page is one sided so you can rip out the pages if you wish and hang them.

The first coloring page I ever made was for a Renaissance Festival contest. Despite me having fun making a coloring book page, I swore I would never make another coloring book page again.

Well never say never.

I never thought I’d make a book like this, but I am so happy I have. You just never know what turn your life will take or what will inspire you.

I had a lot of fun making this coloring book. I enjoyed working on it and sending my works in progress to family members. But the best feeling of all was to see my daughter’s eyes light up when she’d see a new page. She’s not quite ready to color yet, but when she is I think this may be one of her first coloring books.

As for future projects in the works, I am wrapping up previous projects now which includes a young reader children’s book and a baby book. These books have taken longer than anticipated, but they are next on my priority list. Yes, this deviates from my latest zombie releases, but I can’t help but be a multi-genre author. It’s in my blood.

You can get Cats in Space on


If you have any questions about the book, please feel free to contact me!

Cover Reveal: The Infected Manuscript

This month, I will be publishing a zombie short story I wrote several years ago by another title. It was collecting dust, yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

About The Infected Manuscript:

This story tells a tale about a horror novelist that is so caught up in his novel, he has completely shut himself out from his family. His wife and kids beg to spend more time with him, but he has a deadline to make and a bout of writer’s block.

It is a first person perspective of the novelist losing himself in his zombie apocalypse manuscript.


In November, I went back and updated the title and created a cover for it.

Here’s the cover:

The Infected Manuscript Zombie Short Story Julie Wenzel


Like my other titles such as 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and Zombie Writing Prompts, I have done all my own cover art using creative common license images and a bit of Photoshop and typography magic. I intend to continue to do my own covers for a few other future titles. However, this will not always be the case. Depending on the project I would like to have some covers commissioned.  Though I do love to work in Photoshop, create vector images, and do pixel art, there are certain art techniques I will be seeking out in future book covers that I cannot do on my own.

I look forward to collaborating with artists in the future.

The Infected Manuscript is set to release within the next week (December 2016). Stay tuned!

Geek and Gamer Baby Designs for Gifts and Party Ideas

When I am not writing, I am working on different art projects. Some of my latest projects include gamer gender reveal invite sets and geek baby bodysuit / onesies.


Click on the image or the text link to see the full geek baby clothes collection.

Geek Gamer Baby Onesies Clothes


In addition to all of the clothes, I designed two separate gender reveal invite designs. These designs are printed by Zazzle and every bit of text can be customized to your party’s specifications.

The first design is primarily yellow with a retro controller.

Retro Gamer Gender Reveal Baby Invites Yellow


The second design I created has both pink and blue elements.

You can buy onesies, invites, return address labels, and stickers for your gamer gender reveal party.

Boy or Girl Geek Gamer Gender Reveal Party Invites Pink Blue


Art is a great creative outlet that I thoroughly enjoy. It keeps my create juices flowing when I am not writing. In the coming weeks and months, I will have several new releases including the paperback version of 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and a surprise prompt book for Halloween!

If you’d like to see any of these designs on different products, do not hesitate to let me know


Baby Gifts

Fun Christmas Stamp Designs

Christmas Stamp Art Collection Julie Wenzel

I’ve been a bit behind on working on art lately, but I uploaded a few stamp designs for the Christmas season.  Two of the designs (the Santa Claus and Christmas Tree) are geek inspired, made as pixel art.  You can buy any of these stamps through my store.

I do order my own designs on Zazzle because I tend to make art that is inspired by things I personally like.  I ordered the T-Shirt, “Game Over? Not As Long As I’m With My Player 2” and my tuxedo cat mug inspired by my own cat.

Pixel Santa Postage Stamp
Sending Christmas Cheer Postage Stamp
Pixel Christmas Tree Postage Stamp

Fun fact: The Christmas Tree design was actually part of a drawing I made a year ago that I used for my own personal holiday Christmas cards.  This holiday card had pixel versions of my husband and I, along with our pets.  I wanted to make the Christmas tree available to others, so I started by making it available as a holiday stamp.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season.  I hope it brings you joy, love, and peace.

Merry Christmas.


Baby Book Art Reveal

Wenzel Baby Newborn Book Illustration Watercolor


In a previous post I mentioned that I was working on a baby book.

This is still true, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to reveal a couple of pages of art.

The book is being illustrated by Minneapolis based costume designer and artist, Stacey Palmer I’m also very fortunate to be able to call her my sister.

The book was originally illustrated by me 13 years ago, but I never was happy with the artwork.  Though I too am an artist, I work more with vector and pixel art.  I saw something very special in Stacey’s watercolor art style that perfectly matches the feel to this book.

All of the art is made by watercolor on an 11×17 sheet.  Once the painting is complete, I scan the image and do some color correcting for reprinting.  Some color is lost when it’s scanned, so I have been going in on a paint program I own with watercolor brushes to touch up the images.

Wenzel Baby Newborn Book Illustration Bunny Watercolor

The original watercolor artwork is about half done. In total the book is 26 pages.  Once the watercolor pages are complete I will finish the color enhancing and then format the text and images into a book.  Ultimately I want this book to be a board book, but at this time I only have the resources for softcover, eBook, and possibly hardcover.

So there you have it!  I am very happy with how the book is coming along and can’t wait to share the rest of you.

Feel free to contact me to inquire more about this baby book, or visit Stacey Palmer‘s design portfolio.  


Gamer Gender Reveal Party Invites

geek gender reveal invite invitation baby shower video game

These gender reveal party invites feature a controller with “Boy” and “Girl” buttons.

These invites would be great for any gamer out there having a baby.  Any of the text can be customized, so the invite does not have to say, “Gender Reveal Party!”

This design also comes with matching stamps.

geek gender reveal stamp invitation baby shower video game

Purchase the Gender Reveal Invite

Purchase the matching video game stamp

Sadly the stamps cannot be customized.  I think it has something to do with getting approved for the postal service first, before even being able to put them up for sale.

I started by making the design yellow because I wanted to make a neutral tone baby invite.  It ended up being a gender reveal party though, so I added the pink and blues to it later.  Of course I believe any gender can love pink or blues,  as girls can like blue and boys can like pink.  This is just one design, and I plan to make many more.

If you have a custom design you’d like me to make for you, I would be happy to discuss further.  I have only begun to scratch the surface of design ideas I have, and would love to have more practice.


Have any crazy gender reveal party stories?  What did you do at a gender reveal party?  Balloons?  Cakes?  

Share your stories below!

Tuxedo Cat with Ball of Yarn Mug Design

Tuxedo Cat Mug Design

I have a tuxedo cat that I love and adore.  He is a 9 year old male that always looks crabby, but he actually is pretty sweet.  So I have a little thing for tuxedo cats.

I decided to move away from my gamer / nerd designs and make a cat design this time.  I have to admit, I am hooked on cat designs, so I probably will make many more after this.  This tuxedo cat mug features a simplistic cute kitty with a ball of red yarn that wraps around the cup.  You can see both sides of the cup in the photo above.

If you’d like to buy this Tuxedo Cat Mug, you can visit my Zazzle Store page and purchase it there.

When I am not writing, I love to do crafts and artwork.  I enjoy many different mediums, but vector imaging and pixel art has been my latest adventures.




And in case you wanted to see a photo of my handsome Tuxedo cat that inspires me, here he is.  You can call him Kenny.

I also have another cat and dog, that I’m sure I’ll write about soon.


Do your pets or children inspire you in any way?


New Twist on Game Over T-shirt

Game over geek Tshirt


I see those “Game Over” shirts everywhere in various designs.  I do enjoy the video game reference behind it, but I always felt like it was a little harsh on marriage.

This design I created is with the idea that as long as you have your Player 2 (your spouse) it won’t ever be a game over!  Additionally, because it is a reference to gaming, I had to put controllers in their hands, and make it just a little pixelated.

To purchase this shirt, you can buy it on Zazzle!  You can get it in various different styles and colors.  Some colors work better than others.  For the best results, I suggest getting it in a Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Black, or Brown.



You can also get it in Women’s Sizes, and tank tops!