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Tuxedo cat with ball of yarn design

Tuxedo Cat Mug Design

I have a tuxedo cat that I love and adore.  He is a 9 year old male that always looks crabby, but he actually is pretty sweet.  So I have a little thing for tuxedo cats.

I decided to move away from my gamer / nerd designs and make a cat design this time.  I have to admit, I am hooked on cat designs, so I probably will make many more after this.  This tuxedo cat mug features a simplistic cute kitty with a ball of red yarn that wraps around the cup.  You can see both sides of the cup in the photo above.

If you’d like to buy this Tuxedo Cat Mug, you can visit my Zazzle Store page and purchase it there.

When I am not writing, I love to do crafts and artwork.  I enjoy many different mediums, but vector imaging and pixel art has been my latest adventures.




And in case you wanted to see a photo of my handsome Tuxedo cat that inspires me, here he is.  You can call him Kenny.

I also have another cat and dog, that I’m sure I’ll write about soon.


Do your pets or children inspire you in any way?


What is your writing space like?

Chair Against Brick Wall - Writing Space

Finding that perfect spot as a writer isn’t always easy.  I am sure that even if you “have a spot”, you often dream of another perfect writing space.

Right now, my writing space is my old beat up recliner, laptop, and a little end table next to me where I set my coffee on.  It’s really not much, but that recliner has been the prime seat for my writing over the last 5 years.  The recliner has seen its days, and sometimes I consider replacing it because of how worn it has gotten over the years.

In the beginning when I started to become a writer, I would use a desktop with a regular office chair.  I do still find that I am more productive on a desktop.  Though I do have a desktop I would love to use for writing, I have issues with my cats when I use it.  I can’t lock them out because they have separation anxiety.  To let them in means my tom cat will jump in front of the screen and aggressively paw at it.  I think he still holds a grudge against computer screens from my World of Warcraft days.

Strangely, my laptop doesn’t bother either of my cats.  So other than them lounging across my lap when I type, they behave much better when I’m using a laptop vs desktop.

Crazy, I know.  What can you do though?  Cats always seem to find a way to own the house.


What is my dream writing space?

I have a lovely 4 season porch with a wooded backyard.  It is truly a writer’s dream, but that too needs some work.  It is almost impossible to keep that area warm in the winter time when it’s twenty below outside.  So until I figure that out, it’s really only usable a few months out of the year.  Really, that porch would be my dream office if I could somehow set it up just right.

Otherwise, my dream space is pretty simple; a quiet room with a comfy chair and a proper desk.  I’d love it if my one cat wouldn’t have such a grudge against computer monitors, but I’ll make due.  I still love him despite his quirk.  Ultimately, he just wants attention.

For now I will continue to love my crusty old recliner.  It’s comfortable and gets the job done.  As I write this piece, I am sitting on ‘ole reliable.  It’ll be a sad day if I ever consider saying goodbye to it, but for now it stays right where it is.  I set up a “Writing Space” Pinterest board for those interested in following. Feel free to add me!

Follow Julie’s board Writing Spaces on Pinterest.

What is your writing space like?  What is your dream space?

Playing The Novelist during my own writer’s block

The Novelist indie video game


The indie video game, The Novelist made me reflect a bit on my own writer’s block and obsession over my work.

A quick sypnosis of The Novelist video game from Wikipedia: “Novelist Dan Kaplan has decided to take his family on vacation in the hopes of not only reconnecting with them, but also defeating his crippling writer’s block.”


Writer’s block was hitting me hard and I desperately wanted to write something, but ideas were just not coming.

Originally I was going to play The Novelist in hopes that playing a game about a writer, would make me want to write. It’s a crazy thought I know, but in a way it worked because here I am now…writing.

While playing the game, it made me realize that I have been obsessing over my work for so many months that I haven’t stopped to play a video game in quite some time.  And I love video games, so why was I barely partaking in a hobby that I love?

So perhaps this small bout of writer’s block was just my mind telling me I needed to take a break.  After all, we all need to unwind from time to time to keep our minds and ideas fresh.

I’m sure you’re wonderful what my verdict is on the game, The Novelist.  Well, I’m not writing on here today to post a review.  I actually am not much of a game reviewer anymore, even though I use to do it more in the past.  I can say though, that I enjoyed the game.  It only took me about 2 hours to get through it, but it was exactly what I needed at the time.  So I am satisfied.


It felt good to turn a video game on again.  After all, it is truly a hobby that I enjoy next to reading.  I think it is important to get away from your work, no matter how desperate you are to get things done, and just relax.  I seem to often beat myself up for taking a break. “But I haven’t finished my novel yet. I still have things to get done.  I have to schedule and coordinate this and that before the end of the week.”   

Don’t do this to yourself.  Take a break once in awhile.  Enjoy someone else’s work whether it be a movie, book, or video game and relax.

Then after giving yourself plenty of time to unwind and clear your head…get back to work.


What game are you currently playing?

What I learned from my website crashing

Learning Blocks

For those of you who own a website, I am sure you have thought at some point how awful it would be if your website one day just disappeared. Well, it happened to me.  I messed with the files in the admin settings for hours, talking to my hosting company through email and online chat. I swear every time they told me to do something that was to supposedly fix my issue, I had made it worse.  Or, perhaps they were just telling me wrong information. I can point fingers at them and myself all day long, but what’s done is done.  I lost hours of writing, hours from fixing random errors that showed up anytime I typed in my URL, and hours from putting back the few pieces and remnants of the site that I had left.

As I told my mom when talking to her about it, “I’ll take this as a learning experience.”

So what did I learn about losing my website?


1) Backup your website regularly

This is why I said previously that I can put some of the blame on myself.  I didn’t back up anything.  All my blog posts were never saved in any fashion. I used a handy website, Wayback Machine to recover all that I could.  But I wasn’t able to salvage all of it.  And even if you save all of your posts, there is a lot more to a website than blog content, especially if you do a lot of customization, uploading photos, and care even a little bit about web analytics and SEO.

It doesn’t matter how well your site is running.  It can happen to you.


2) There is hope

(It’s not the end of the world, even if it feels like it)

As I stated before, I was still able to salvage some of my website, from having nothing saved.  I pulled from the website that archives the internet sites to grab a handful of my posts and bring them back to life.  It wasn’t much, and the posts I wrote that I enjoyed the most are gone forever, but not all is lost.  If you have it in you to write, more content will come to you.  This brings me to the next thing I learned.


3) I do indeed love writing and building websites

This confirmed it.  I wasn’t just doing it fill my time with. Writing, blogging, and building websites is what I love to do. I realized that if writing and building websites wasn’t something that I loved, I would have quit right then and there.

But that’s not what happened.  I came back, because I love it.  Yes, I had to put a “Coming Soon” page up and step away from the situation for some time to cool down.  But I came back.  That’s when you know it’s more than just a hobby to fill your free time with…it’s what you love.


4) I should have done more with my site

When salvaging all that I could from my site, I realized how much worse the scenario would have been if I had dozens, hundreds, or thousands of posts.  Then it got me to think…”Why didn’t I have more posts?”  Why didn’t I apply myself more?  Why were there 20 posts and pages to salvage instead of 200?  It was a wake up call, that I needed to write more.


5) I am dedicated and motivated

Perhaps this is a cheesy life lesson to express from this experience, but it’s true.  There was a short time that I had flung my arms in the air and thought I was going to quit for good.  It was too much work.  I didn’t want to start over.  That was it.

Then I flipped that energy around.

“I don’t want to quit. I want to write.  I want to blog.  I want to keep working on my site.”

And that was that.  I threw up the “Coming soon” page and starting building what I could back up.

It made me realize that I am not a quitter. I am afraid to quit, sometimes almost to a fault.

Losing my website made me realize that I am more dedicated and motivated than I thought I was.  Of course I needed a little bit of encouragement from those I am closest too, but I took that ounce of encouragement and took it to the next level.


Final thoughts…

I learned a lot from losing the contents of my website.  I hope to never have to go through it again, but I feel fortunate to have learned what I did now, instead of 3 years from now.


 Have you ever learned something from a tough situation?

New twist on Game Over t-shirt

Game over geek Tshirt


I see those “Game Over” shirts everywhere in various designs.  I do enjoy the video game reference behind it, but I always felt like it was a little harsh on marriage.

This design I created is with the idea that as long as you have your Player 2 (your spouse) it won’t ever be a game over!  Additionally, because it is a reference to gaming, I had to put controllers in their hands, and make it just a little pixelated.

To purchase this shirt, you can buy it on Zazzle!  You can get it in various different styles and colors.  Some colors work better than others.  For the best results, I suggest getting it in a Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Black, or Brown.



You can also get it in Women’s Sizes, and tank tops!


Gamer Wedding stationary project

Geek Wedding Invites

I am starting to get back into art and design, and have been dabbling into pixel art.  Pictured above are some of my latest creations.  As I am getting married in the coming year, I was inspired to combine my love for video games with wedding designs.

To view my entire wedding collection, visit my Wenarts Wedding page on Zazzle.  There isn’t a whole lot there, but more will be coming soon!


You can view my Zazzle Profile Here.


8 tips to help get your writing done

Headphones Laptop

Ever have the most brilliant writing idea ever, and can’t seem to ever get it done?

Well, if you’re experiencing that now, maybe you should go get writing. But, if you want to stick around and read a little while you’re stalling, here are a few tips to remember to getting your writing done.


1) No distractions

  • This means, shut off the internet if you have to. In extreme cases, put a child protection security lock on yourself to force extra steps and make you think twice about rechecking your Facebook.
  • Find a quiet place, away from noise. If you have to, get some sound canceling headphones and play quiet music, without lyrics. Lyrics in music could distract you, or even lead you to singing along with it.
  • Feed your pets, your kids, and yourself, so that no one’s stomach is growling and pestering you.
  • Leave the house if your place isn’t quiet enough, or write outside or on the patio.
  • Being uncomfortable can also be distracting.  Have a comfortable chair, headphones, and if you’re like me, glasses to prevent eyestrain.

2) Make a schedule

  • If you are having a hard time staying organized, perhaps writing a schedule would help. This also includes scheduling in days off. Days off are just as important as the writing itself. If you overwork yourself, your writing could end up reflecting that. Take a break. Schedule days to work, and days to play. Then stick to it.

3) Write something else during writer’s block

  • If you are working on a single project for a while, and find yourself at a writer’s block, move on for a while. If you’re working on a novel, write a separate unrelated essay or short story. If are into article writing, and come to a road block, find a new topic. The point in all this is that you keep writing, even during writer’s block. This will help your writing only improve since not only are you still practicing and getting better, but perhaps learning a thing or two during your side projects.

4) Stop reading about writing, and just write

  • Reading articles like this is fine, or even books, but eventually you need to stop. If all you do is read about how to write, then you’re not actually writing.

Just as the headline says, stop reading about writing. Just write.

5) Write about things that excite you

  • Don’t spend time writing about something you hate, just because other people might like it. If you aren’t into the project, or your book is getting dull, change it. Write what excites you first and foremost. If you’re excited about it, others around you will be that more into it.

6) Talk about your book to someone close to you

  • Sometimes talking about it out loud with someone will help you understand your story and characters more. Of course, talk to those you trust won’t steal your idea like a parent, spouse, or long term best friend.
  • Talking about your book will only add fuel to your fire. I know from experience sometimes I’ll talk about my characters (as if they’re real people), and as a result get so excited I have to go write, right now.
Yellow Post It Reminder

7) Set goals, and write THOSE down

  • It’s been proven that those that write their goals down have a higher chance at completing them. Put up an inspiration or goal board. Cut out photos or put up notes for yourself like, “Complete draft 1 by Christmas” or “Complete 2 books by the time I’m 45.”
  • Even if you don’t fulfill your goal exactly how you want them, it helps. Setting yourself short term goals, are just as important as the big ones. Tell yourself to write at least 3,000 words a week, or whatever it may be, and then write that down.

8) Make the time, even if it’s 15 minutes

  • It doesn’t matter if all you can get out is 400 words a day, and have 30 minutes before work. If you tell yourself that, “I only have 30 minutes so what’s the point,” you will never finish your writing projects.
  • Write even if all you have is 15 minutes every other day, or 3 hours a day. A year later you’ll look back and see how much you actually got done, and will be very thankful you did.


It all adds up.

400 words a day is 2,800 a week

2,800 a week is 11,200 a month.

11,200 a month is 134,400 words a year.

That’s almost enough for two full books!

So even if it seems small, in the grand scheme of things even working bit by bit is enough to get your projects done.

So what are you waiting for?


If you don’t know what to write about today, find anything. It doesn’t have to be your usual topic of choice. The point is, you’re writing. And by doing that, you’ll only get better.

What tips would you give fellow writers?

Image credit: FreeImages UK

Final Fantasy refrigerator magnets

Final Fantasy pixel magents

I’m both a fan of Final Fantasy, and homemade art.  While at a convention this weekend, I stopped by the artist alley for a peak at what people came up with.  In addition to these great Final Fantasy magnets, they also had a large Chrono and Link, which were about $100 a piece.

I was very tempted to say the least.

They didn’t have the Fighter (Warrior) made, but I asked them if they could “complete my party” and make one for me by the end of the weekend. They happily agreed.

Well, by the end of the weekend I had my full party.  I realize I’m missing Black Belt (Monk) and Thief.  Sorry, my party is full.  I’m ready to take on Garland, who may be in my freezer, next to the frozen pizza.

Final Fantasy IX Quina Fondant Cake

Quina Final Fantasy IX cake design


This was out of sheer boredom and for the love of Final Fantasy IX.

Both Quina, and Final Fantasy IX deserve some love and appreciation once in a while.

This cake was made out of pound cake, Rice Krispies, and fondant.  I probably spent about 2 hours on this cake while listening to some really cheesy romance movie in the background.

I only wish I would’ve spent some time adding some frogs for Quina to eat!