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Cover Reveal: The Infected Manuscript

This month, I will be publishing a zombie short story I wrote several years ago by another title. It was collecting dust, yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

About The Infected Manuscript:

This story tells a tale about a horror novelist that is so caught up in his novel, he has completely shut himself out from his family. His wife and kids beg to spend more time with him, but he has a deadline to make and a bout of writer’s block.

It is a first person perspective of the novelist losing himself in his zombie apocalypse manuscript.


In November, I went back and updated the title and created a cover for it.

Here’s the cover:

The Infected Manuscript Zombie Short Story Julie Wenzel


Like my other titles such as 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and Zombie Writing Prompts, I have done all my own cover art using creative common license images and a bit of Photoshop and typography magic. I intend to continue to do my own covers for a few other future titles. However, this will not always be the case. Depending on the project I would like to have some covers commissioned.  Though I do love to work in Photoshop, create vector images, and do pixel art, there are certain art techniques I will be seeking out in future book covers that I cannot do on my own.

I look forward to collaborating with artists in the future.

The Infected Manuscript is set to release within the next week (December 2016). Stay tuned!

Becoming a Multi-Genre Author

multi-genre author writing laptop coffee


After giving it a lot of thought and reading pros and cons lists of other writers, I have decided to take the plunge and become a multi-genre writer.

No longer am I going to restrict myself from writing stories I want to tell, or spend time thinking about the possibility of building a pen name.

This can be a very scary plunge to take, as many believe that an author should pick a genre and stick to it. If I followed that advice, the only thing I’d be allowed to write under my name is fantasy. Some genres easily overlap without a problem, so at most I could be a fantasy and science fiction author.

But then what happens to the zombie stories I want to tell?

About six months ago, I came up with a zombie apocalypse story that is part western, part steampunk, part science fiction all balled into one. (More to come on this one someday, I do honestly plan on writing it.)

But I’ve already written a children’s illustrated book and a young reader novel about a little girl and her magical friends. Do I start a pen name just for the one book? Which stories get the pen name? Which one should I just forget about?

Overall, it just didn’t seem right for me to be having this conflict. Would building a new pen name for each new idea really be a good use of my time?


Now I have a romance novel in the works with geek references, magical spells, and lots of pancakes. How does that line up with my zombie story, as far as “author branding” goes?

Perhaps it doesn’t. But both stories are still me.

I toyed with the idea for over a year that I should just make separate pen names for every genre I wanted to write in. Many authors swear by pen names. But even if I decided to be open about my pen names, it still felt like I was hiding behind a name for the sole purpose of branding.

After much thought, I realized that even though all of these stories I have written or planned on writing are technically different genres, they are still me. A lot of my heart and soul (as cliche as that may sound) pours into those words. Why not group them all together? I don’t want to be any other pseudo name.

I want to be me.

I want my stories to be attached to my name…not something I made up because it sounded good for branding sake.

This isn’t a dis to those that make pen names. This is just me stating that it isn’t going to work for me. For another author, a pen name could be beneficial towards their sales. It just isn’t going to work for me.


With this decision, there will be challenges. 

How will a young reader be able to know that when they pick up a book of mine, they won’t accidentally pick up a horror book? It will take clear differentiation in book covers and blurbs of course. Will it be enough? Time will tell.

All of this ultimately is going to be taking it one step at a time…one title at a time…one cover…one blurb. Because I love to read multiple genres, I’m going to just assume there are people out there that do the same.

Young readers grow up eventually and expand their reading horizons. I want my titles to be there for them when they do grow up.


So what genres do I ultimately plan to write in?

Science fiction. Fantasy. Young Adult. Post-apocalypse. Sweet Romance (must still have magic or science in there). Young Reader. Picture books. Light horror (good zombie fun).

There’s a lot of overlap with these genres, so ultimately my heart is still in a similar place when it comes to my writing.


At the end of the day, I will always stick close to science fiction and fantasy. But if an idea strikes me in a random genre, I’m not going to hold back from writing it.


I welcome you to follow me on this journey.

Join me on Twitter or send me a message. I’d love to chat with you! 


100 Zombie Writing Prompts Cover Reveal and Release Date

A new addition to the writing prompt library is here: 100 Zombie Writing Prompts.

This was a fun prompt book to write. The prompts came to me almost easier than the science fiction and fantasy ones. This fact made me realize how much I enjoy writing about zombies!

What does that mean?

Well, there will probably be a zombie short story or novel coming in the future.

In the mean time, here is the cover reveal for 100 Zombie Writing Prompts. 

Zombie Writing Prompts Book Cover Julie Wenzel nanorimo


This cover mimics the other prompt covers, but with a green overlay.

While making this cover, I had a bit of a catastrophe.

Somehow, my original Photoshop file for my book covers was corrupted or deleted off my computer. The shortcut still existed.  It still appeared to exist in the recent files within Photoshop. I spent a couple hours trying to recover my original file.

I finally had to surrender and start over.

Through this experience, I learned to make sure I have multiple copies of important files just in case.

Here is a screenshot of my work in progress, attempting to recover my original design.

Zombie Writing Prompt Julie Wenzel


Comparing the final version to my work in progress, you can see I added a jagged edge to the word Zombie at the end.

100 Zombie Writing Prompts is available for pre-order and will release September 26th, 2016.  Order the e-book today!

Geek and Gamer Baby Designs for Gifts and Party Ideas

When I am not writing, I am working on different art projects. Some of my latest projects include gamer gender reveal invite sets and geek baby bodysuit / onesies.


Click on the image or the text link to see the full geek baby clothes collection.

Geek Gamer Baby Onesies Clothes


In addition to all of the clothes, I designed two separate gender reveal invite designs. These designs are printed by Zazzle and every bit of text can be customized to your party’s specifications.

The first design is primarily yellow with a retro controller.

Retro Gamer Gender Reveal Baby Invites Yellow


The second design I created has both pink and blue elements.

You can buy onesies, invites, return address labels, and stickers for your gamer gender reveal party.

Boy or Girl Geek Gamer Gender Reveal Party Invites Pink Blue


Art is a great creative outlet that I thoroughly enjoy. It keeps my create juices flowing when I am not writing. In the coming weeks and months, I will have several new releases including the paperback version of 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and a surprise prompt book for Halloween!

If you’d like to see any of these designs on different products, do not hesitate to let me know


Cover Reveal for 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts

In less than one week, (unless there’s a technical catastrophe) I will be publishing 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts as a follow-up to the 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts title that was released in April 2016.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I did not come up with 500 prompts between the time of April and June. In fact, this upcoming release is something I’ve been working on since 2013. It has gone through many revisions and prompt replacements. Many prompts were originally written down on a notebook piece of paper as they came to me.

The biggest challenge of writing all these prompts was constantly switching gears between tenses, point of views, and tone. Because this book meant to inspire many different kinds of writers, I didn’t want all of the prompts to have a uniformed structure from one another.

To keep with the style of the previous book, I created a cover with only a few variations in design.

Here is my cover reveal for the upcoming title, 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts.

500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts Julie Wenzel











Update: 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts has been released on

Cover Redesign for 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts

In preparation for my upcoming release of 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts, I slightly redesigned the cover to the shorter installment. Though the main image is the same, the typography, contrast, and title have been changed slightly.

Here is the before and after:

100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts Julie Wenzel










Covers were designed by me using painting programs on my iPad and filters in Adobe Photoshop.

The next installment to my writing prompt series is set to release in the next week or two.

To purchase, 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts follow the link to the page.


10 Fantasy Writing Prompts

Fantasy Writing Prompts Julie Wenzel Creative

Keep your writing sharp by writing every single day. If you’re stuck on what to write, writing prompts are a great way to get inspired. Use these prompts any way you’d like, from flash fiction to a full-length novel. Here is a list of 10 creative fantasy writing prompts to work with. Also, check out my other blog post: 10 Science Fiction Writing Prompts.


1. She carried a song in her heart, only to be heard when the world was at peace. If sung, the listener would live forever. But until then, the songstress sang of nothing but heartache. To what lengths do people go, to get the songstress to sing the song of eternal life?


2. The leaves on the tree turn every color of the rainbow. The touch of the bark feels warm and comforting. I do my very best to hide the tree from my neighbors. There is something special about it…I just know it.


3. She was given an opportunity to change one event in history. What event does she choose? How does it ultimately affect her life?


4. The tall rock blinked with glowing eyes in the darkness. More mesmerized than afraid, the lone traveler stood and waited for the rock to speak.


5. Write about a game of chess. Every move you make sends you and your opponent to a different world. Once the game ends with a checkmate, you both are stuck in the last world you traveled to. Is there a way back home?


6. The sword he wielded was said to be able to cut through anything. One day, he discovers a material his sword could not cut through. What was it?


7. The shapeshifter followed the circus and performed his famous act for large crowds every night. He could shapeshift into any creature, person, or object that was requested. One night during his act, someone made an impossible request. What made it impossible for him to shapeshift this one time?


8. The only way to rid of his black magic was to have wizards of light absorb his powers. Absorbing his powers would not only cancel out their magic, but also increased their risk of turning evil. How do they combat this powerful foe?


9. A job board at the local inn is looking for skilled warriors to hunt down a beast that is burning down cities. You take the job with six others, but quickly find yourself in a predicament. The job board had lied. The beast has the power of ice and your group was only prepared for fire. What happens next?


10. Write about a children’s storybook that has the power to randomly generate a new story every night. Where does the power come from? Is this book rare or common?

500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts

For more writing prompts, check out my latest eBooks:

100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts on Amazon Kindle.

10 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Use writing prompts to exercise your writing! It is important to write every single day. You can use these writing prompts however you’d like.

1. Write about the first theme park created and funded by aliens from another planet.


2. A humane society has an opportunity to adopt many pets out, which would be a huge help to the shelter. However, the people who want to adopt the pets are from another planet. Being so desperate to find the pets a home, the shelter decides to do a home interview with the potential adopters.  Write about what happens next.


3. Write about the difficulties and trials of long-distance relationships of couples that find each other on an intergalactic dating website.


4. The elevator would never stop at the 14th floor. Some claimed a wormhole had exposed itself on the other side of the door. Write about the day the elevator breaks down, and the only way out is to exit to floor 14.


5. A popular website crashes for days with no explanation why. When it finally goes up again, every person that was refreshing the site the second it goes back up loses consciousness.  What happened?


6. These custom contact lenses allow the user to see the world in a more positive light. Frowns turn to smiles. Cloudy skies turn to sunshine. Since everyone’s version of happiness is slightly different, their desires are submitted into an algorithm before construction. How does this impact society?


7. You start to notice that your neighbor’s garbage is getting increasingly stranger. The night before the garbage is taken, you decide to investigate.


8. A man decides to make a grand proposal to his girlfriend by sending a lit message in the sky. But the wrong person from beyond the stars gets the message.


9. The first Olympics in space are about to begin.


10. Most planets have a simple permission clearance code for landing in order to enter. This planet requires a series of odd rituals that are scientifically proven to expose the intent in one’s heart.

500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts

For more writing prompts, check out my latest eBooks:

100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts and 500 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts on Amazon Kindle.



Currently Reading – The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

As a writer, I do also love to read.  I would say that my genre of choice is typically fantasy or science fiction, but I deviate from that all the time.  Ultimately I am just looking for a good story with characters I can fall in love with.

I purchased The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson twice actually.  The first time I bought it was during an Amazon Kindle promotion.  As I started to read the first chapter, I longed to have the paperback in my hands.

The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson Softcover book
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

So far I am really enjoying it.  At first I was nervous that the slow pace would keep me from staying interested.  But what this book really does is deliver character and worldbuilding detail that entices you to absorb each and every word.

I won’t mention every single book I am reading here, but I felt like a book of this epic proportion deserved a shout-out.  If you’re really that interested in what I’m reading, you can follow me on Goodreads.

As The Way of Kings is a giant book, I plan on taking my time with it

Finally, I will leave you with a photo of my tuxedo cat.  I set my book down for just a moment, and he decided to use it as a pillow.

Cat sleeping on book way of kings fantasy


What book are you currently reading, or recommend?


Fun Christmas Stamp Designs

Christmas Stamp Art Collection Julie Wenzel

I’ve been a bit behind on working on art lately, but I uploaded a few stamp designs for the Christmas season.  Two of the designs (the Santa Claus and Christmas Tree) are geek inspired, made as pixel art.  You can buy any of these stamps through my store.

I do order my own designs on Zazzle because I tend to make art that is inspired by things I personally like.  I ordered the T-Shirt, “Game Over? Not As Long As I’m With My Player 2” and my tuxedo cat mug inspired by my own cat.

Pixel Santa Postage Stamp
Sending Christmas Cheer Postage Stamp
Pixel Christmas Tree Postage Stamp

Fun fact: The Christmas Tree design was actually part of a drawing I made a year ago that I used for my own personal holiday Christmas cards.  This holiday card had pixel versions of my husband and I, along with our pets.  I wanted to make the Christmas tree available to others, so I started by making it available as a holiday stamp.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season.  I hope it brings you joy, love, and peace.

Merry Christmas.