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Final Fantasy Refrigerator Magnets

Final Fantasy pixel magents

I’m both a fan of Final Fantasy, and homemade art.  While at a convention this weekend, I stopped by the artist alley for a peak at what people came up with.  In addition to these great Final Fantasy magnets, they also had a large Chrono and Link, which were about $100 a piece.

I was very tempted to say the least.

They didn’t have the Fighter (Warrior) made, but I asked them if they could “complete my party” and make one for me by the end of the weekend. They happily agreed.

Well, by the end of the weekend I had my full party.  I realize I’m missing Black Belt (Monk) and Thief.  Sorry, my party is full.  I’m ready to take on Garland, who may be in my freezer, next to the frozen pizza.

Final Fantasy IX Quina Fondant Cake

Quina Final Fantasy IX cake design


This was out of sheer boredom and for the love of Final Fantasy IX.

Both Quina, and Final Fantasy IX deserve some love and appreciation once in a while.

This cake was made out of pound cake, Rice Krispies, and fondant.  I probably spent about 2 hours on this cake while listening to some really cheesy romance movie in the background.

I only wish I would’ve spent some time adding some frogs for Quina to eat!