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If You Are Inspired By Something, Go For It


I’ve been an avid reader from the moment books were put into my hands.

When I was about 11 years old I invented the Kindle. Okay, let’s step back. I didn’t actually invent the Kindle you know now by Amazon, but I came up with something similar to it.

Being a gamer and a reader I devised an idea, combining functions from each.


Gameboy Nintendo

I remember standing in the living room and saying to my mom:

“They should make a device similar to the Nintendo Game Boy. Only, the device should be for books. You could perhaps buy cartridges with a book inside it. Once you insert the cartridge you have a whole book on a screen. Oh, and they should make it waterproof so you can read in the tub too.”

My parents always believed in my ideas. I have ideas spewing out of me all the time, so sometimes I’m hard to keep up with when I go on a tangent.

My mom and I still talk about that day in the living room where I came up with the ebook idea. Back then, wireless internet didn’t exist. So technically, my idea was missing the step of digital downloads via wireless the way they are now. Instead, my idea was Game Boy type cartridges.

Another instance where I had an idea, was when I was 17 and in a children’s book writing class. This was before budget cuts removed awesome classes in my school such as children’s book writing, science fiction literature, and computer engineering.   Without giving the plot away on this (because I actually am working on bringing this project back to life) I came up with a story idea inspired by the birth of my first nephew.

My teacher told me, “This is one of the best books I’ve seen come out of this class.  You should really look into getting this officially published.”

Well, what did I do?

I ignored the project. I gifted the self published hardcover version of the book to my brother and sister-in-law when my nephew born and that was that.


The point in mentioning this story is to make sure you always follow your dreams. If you have an idea, whether it be a story idea or invention, run with it. Don’t wait, because someone else might end up thinking of it soon.


You may think your idea will never sell…


When I thought of my little e-reader device back in the day, not only did nothing exist of its kind, but neither did wireless internet. I’m not even sure ebooks existed, and if they did they were probably just Word files or pdfs.


Maybe you don’t think your idea is good enough. Stop worrying about that! Because you just never know what other people might think. It could be a big seller, or it could impact someone in ways you never imagined.


If you have an inspiration, an idea, an invention, or anything, go with it. You may never make a dollar off of the idea, but at least you won’t look back with regrets that you “should have” at least tried.

And who knows, one idea could lead to another. Maybe you could say:

“My initial idea didn’t work, but I have an idea on how to do it better.”

Whether it be writing a book or coming up with a business idea, don’t ignore your dreams, inspirations, or ideas.

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