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Check back often to see what projects I am working on. If this contact form is not working you can always email me directly at contact [at] jmwenzel [dot] com.  This contact form is specifically for those interested in staying up to date for review copies, interviews, or events.  This is not a contact form for general news, street team info, or calls for beta readers.  This is for press and reviewer sign ups.  Also feel free to use this form to request any previously published work.


The current project I am working on:

Project: Baby Book (Illustrated book you read to a newborn) – Approximately 30 pages long. Hardcover and Kindle Format

Upcoming Project: The next book I am writing is a young reader chapter book, which I will be looking for beta readers for.

Projected Date of Publication: Early Spring 2016.

I will only be sending out a limited number of copies at the initial release of the book, so sign up early.  Addresses or your preferred format will not be asked for until the book is close to being published. Signing up for reviewing this book does not guarantee a copy.  I have no idea how many or few people will fill this out. Unless you opt in, signing up for a review copy also does not put you on a general mailing list.  This will only give you updates on releases, review opportunities, and events to cover based on your preferences.  

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