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Final Fantasy Refrigerator Magnets

Final Fantasy pixel magents

I’m both a fan of Final Fantasy, and homemade art.  While at a convention this weekend, I stopped by the artist alley for a peak at what people came up with.  In addition to these great Final Fantasy magnets, they also had a large Chrono and Link, which were about $100 a piece.

I was very tempted to say the least.

They didn’t have the Fighter (Warrior) made, but I asked them if they could “complete my party” and make one for me by the end of the weekend. They happily agreed.

Well, by the end of the weekend I had my full party.  I realize I’m missing Black Belt (Monk) and Thief.  Sorry, my party is full.  I’m ready to take on Garland, who may be in my freezer, next to the frozen pizza.